Duphaston is an effective medicine given for the treatment of bleeding, irregular menstrual periods, and abdominal pain during pregnancy.


Dydrogesterone is the active ingredient in Duphaston. Once the drug is prescribed, it is better to follow the whole course. Stopping Duphaston in the middle will only increase the risk of side effects. You should maintain the correct timings. If a dose is missed, use the drug once you remember it. But never go for the missed drug if it is time for the next scheduled drug.

Duphaston is normally not prescribed if you have gal bladder problems, blood clotting diseases, liver problems, anemia unusual vaginal bleeding, Jaundice, genital and breast cancer.

Never hide from your doctor if you have any serious problems related to the kidney, liver and heart. You should also tell the doctor about your asthma, migraine and hypertension problems. If you are pregnant or hoping to get a child soon, take the drug only after talking to your doctor. Duphaston has to be avoided while breast-feeding as the drug is traced in breast milk.

Before the physician prescribes Duphaston, you have to tell him about all the medicines, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, that you are taking. It is known that some drugs may interact with Duphaston.

Duphaston also comes with some allergic reactions and certain side effects. But there is nothing to worry. Breast pain, swelling, hair loss, Weigh gain and weight loss are some of the side effects that come with Duphaston.